2 Simple Healthy Recipes

Well starting a diet is great and all but you just cant keep eating the same dishes throughout the diet. No matter how packed a dis is with nutrients you still need to change things up a bit from time to time. The real issue is that mostly people arent aware of recipes that keep their calorie intake in check while delivering nutrient and vitamins in a delicious way. Here are 3 simple recipes that will raise your metabolic rate and keep you healthy.

Recipe 1 : Barbecue Salmon Steaks
Four Salmon Steaks that are around 4-6 OZ
3 table spoon melted butter
1 table spoon Lemon juice
1 table spoon White wine vinegar
1/4 table spoon grated lemon peel
1/4 table spoon garlic salt
1/4 table spoon salt
If you really want to enjoy it and raise its metabolism increasing capability add 1 table spoon hot pepper sauce.

Combine all the ingredient besides the salmon and mix them together in one go. After a paste has formed take a salmon steak and gently apply the spread the sauce on both sides evenly.

Oil a grill over hot coals before putting the sauce applied stake in it. Depending how thick your stake is BBQ it up to 7-10 minutes to let the flavors seep in.

Continuously keep applying more sauce while turning it till it is easily penetrable with a fork. Eating some leafy green vegetables such as lettuce with your steak is a great and healthy idea.

Recipe 2 : Broccoli Garden Soup
3 cups of chopped broccoli
6 cups of peeled and chopped yams
6 cups of divided Chicken Broth but make sure the fat is removed
2 Medium size chopped onions
4 Minced cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
1 cup of chopped Celery Tops
1/4 teaspoon of ground Allspice , again for the taste and to increase metabolism.
2 cups chopped of Watercress
And some ground Pepper to add taste

For 10 minutes cook the yams with two cups chicken broth until they become soft; add them in a grinder and set them aside for now.

Take a pot and add oil along with the garlic and onions. Turn the heat up and quickly fry them in the oil till they start to brown. At this point add the cut piece of celery and fry for a bit longer around 2-4 minutes. Then proceed to add the chopped pieces of broccoli along with the remaining chicken broth, stir slowly in counter and clockwise directions. .

Let it boil for 6-10 minutes while covered or until you feel like its ready to be served but its recommended that you let it cook for at least 5 minutes. Then add the grinded seasoning we set aside earlier.

Afterwards, top it with a quarter of the portion of the Watercress and serve either hot or cold.

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