French Designed Lingerie What Is All The Fuss About?

The French have led the way when it comes to lingerie for well over a century. Most countries use
the word lingerie to describe sensual underwear thanks to the name being associated to the quality
and allure of French design. Some people shun the idea of the French being better at creating
innovative designs, however it remains a fact that they still lead the way, but do you know why?
Think of French designed lingerie as a fine wine, you can find similar but it will never measure up to
true quality which is something the French pride themselves on. They created many firsts that we
take for granted today including shape wear, the tanga/g-string, bra’s and the sensual underwear
advertised inside and outside of many high street stores and lingerie specialists around the world.

Although usually a conservative country, when it comes to lacy underwear and other seductive
pieces the conservative approach is ignored by the French. In England much of the underwear
designed is not only sexy but also described as being vulgar by the French. The French seem to have
the right balance to let women feel sexy without going too far, encouraging some skin exposure is
something they do, however they have limits which makes them stand out.

Although much of the French lingerie designs are seen as being sensual, men adoring the fashion
switch are just an added benefit. Rather than just designing lingerie for men to enjoy, the main focus
is to create underwear that makes women feel empowered in styles that flatter their figures. The
focus is on self-confidence not attracting the opposite sex by clothing.

Although there are numerous styles of extremely bright lingerie available, they are not inspired by
the French, in fact they have a strict code against bright and primary colours instead sticking to the
traditional nudes, black and white and adorning them with lace. The French believe lingerie should
correspond with the soft skin we wear it against rather than work against it clashing with bright

If you don’t feel comfortable unless your underwear matches you can thank the French. They see
wearing underwear that doesn’t match as a sin and a sign of laciness. Women in France see their
lingerie as being as important as their outerwear ensuring that everything matches. They ensure
they wear the right colours with the right clothing too and even match it to their make-up choices.
Imagine leaving the house with shoes that don’t match. That’s how the French view their

Many of the beautiful words to describe different types of underwear come from France including
variations like negligee, bandeau, balconette and so much more. Being about personal enjoyment
allows women to accessorise their underwear in the same way they would outerwear ensuring that
the sets match. It is the French designs that have led us to be more daring in our choices selecting
from lingerie that best suits our figures.

Although conservative the French to believe it is ok to show some flesh and still remain classy such
as undoing just a couple of buttons so that the beautiful bra can show or rather than opting for a
strapless bra wear a bra that has pretty straps so that the beauty can be seen. The sophistication in
the French lingerie is an art that keeps people from all around the world coming back for more of
the alluring designs and it’s not looking to change anytime soon.Visit