How To Give Yourself A Basic At-home Facial

A facial is a necessity today with the changing weather conditions that are increasingly harsh coupled with adverse environments in the form of air pollution. You need to make time to pamper your skin with an effective home facial regularly which can be fast and convenient instead of going to the beauty salon which can be quite expensive.

Home Process:

When you want to perform a home facial, you will need to prepare the necessary ingredients to facilitate your treatment. Most home facial treatments are very simple. You only need two pieces of freshly sliced cucumber or tea bags for your eyes and your facial mask which should be of natural ingredients.Tie back your hair to avoid strands from coming onto your face or apply a headband to keep stray strands from your face.


First cleanse your face with your preferred facial cleanser using warm water. Move your washcloth in circular motions for a gentle cleansing. Remove your makeup with an appropriate makeup remover.


Exfoliate your skin to restore the smoothness on your skin. Exfoliation removes the dirt pile up from your face and allows your skin pores to be opened again for easier breathing.

Rinse your face again after exfoliation.

Open Pores:

Another part of home facial process is to open your skin pores with a hot damp towel applied onto your face. Leave your nose open for breathing. You could also spray some aromatherapy droplets into the air or essential oil droplets onto your towel for a more pleasant odor.

Facial Mask:

Next, a facial mask makes a good addition to your home facial treatment which you can use to refresh your skin. Do not put any mask on and around your eyes. Wait for 10-20 minutes before you wash off your mask well with warm water.

Eye Treatment:

Your eyes are also an important component in your home facial care treatment. The treatment to rejuvenate your tired eyes is very easy; put a piece of cucumber slice over each eyelid as you lie down comfortably. You can also use warmed tea bags.


Finally, you can moisturize your face with a good and gentle moisturizer. A gentle massage on your face and temple areas would be refreshing for your skin.

Facial Tips:

A home facial can be conducted in the privacy of your home alone or with another like-minded person; this would be encouraging to one another as well as helpful with certain tasks in the treatment.

You can have ready some hot water with soft towels to enjoy a steamy hot towel treatment during your home facial process.

If you would like some nice smell during your home facial therapy, you can apply some aromatherapy spray or essential oil into the air or bucket of water for a close spa experience.

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