How To Know What To Wear All The Time

Every individual suffers from the catch 22 situation of not realizing which dress will suit him the best. Clothes are a symbol of our personality, it reflects our thought process. People spend hours after hours searching for the most stylish way to dress. But at the end of the day, would find nothing appealing in their wardrobes. It is not that they don’t have clothes to wear but would fall for the trends of celebrity dressing. Clothes are the means of reflection; it gives a message of who the person is. The dress one wears communicates the intention of the individual.

The idea of an ideal wardrobe

The sense of dressing is modelled around the society we thrive in. Clothes serve as our feelings in a social situation. There is a certain code of conduct that we follow when we head for our workplace. Similarly, when we head for family outings we rely on a different set of clothes. The choice of clothes also depends upon the location and the weather the area is having. Whatever you wear, it is ideal to have a proper fit of the outfit. A well designed outfit that is made in conformity with the body type increases the style quotient of the wearer. If the cloth is ill fitted, the confidence to carry it will be shaken, which can ruin the entire appeal.

The dressing style of a person is based on its personal choice and people like to wear clothes they are most comfortable in. People following trends blindly can sometime prove disastrous if they don’t realize the demand of the situation. There are occasions like weddings, where you cannot flaunt stocks or shorts. The best time to try out latest trends is an informal get together like night out with friends. Trying out new accessories with clothes can work wonders in styling. Everybody likes carrying that one thing compulsorily which turns out their signature statement. One must religiously follow their own set trend to bring uniqueness to the personality.

How to choose what to wear
There are different rules that we can set for one while choosing clothes, so that less confusion persists. Setting dresses for the week based on different colors can enhance your personality and make you feel energized. There is a tendency to pick up clothes that fall first on our visual area.

To optimize the use of the dress in the wardrobe, the dresses should be kept in different manners like hanging or folding in the reverse direction so that it catches our attention. Maintaining a diary about personal preferences as per fabric, type of clothes can prevent the urge for unnecessary wastage of money. Friends are the best guide and advisors when it comes to styling. The suggestion of the friends can be taken when a confusing situation arises or when unsure about the look that you are carrying. Finally, the magazines and fashion journals are the best mentors who suggest what is in and what is out of the season one can seek help from them too.