Tips For Looking & Feeling Great

Time feels like a precious commodity nowadays, there is not enough time in the day to: work, socialise, commute, sleep, clean, take up a new hobby AND take time for yourself. If you are one of those people who can do all this, my envy is real, please write back and tell us your secrets. With that in mind we wanted to write a: time effective and easy to achieve guide. Do one, do them all and reap the big benefits of little changes. If you have any other tips, test out any of the things below, write back and let us know!

Drink more water
Despite the obviousness of this tip, hardly any of us do it and are unknowingly dehydrated a lot of the time. There are many benefits drinking enough water, two of which are: energy boosting and improving quality of your skin. It benefits the way you look and the way you feel. This is the easiest tip to add to your life, carry around a water bottle and get drinking!

Have a pamper evening
Everyone deserves one of these, it doesnât have to be every weekend, but should be done after a particularly stressful day or on a day off. There is no âcorrectâ way to do this, it can be: getting your nails done, visiting a barber to get your beard trimmed, putting on a face mask on and watching a movie. The end goal is just to de-stress, with a mix of some long overdue beauty regimes. Add some friends and make it into a social night.

There is a fine line between well rested and oversleeping. This again seems like an obvious tip, but much like drinking water, people just donât seem to do this. One of the key things to do is to unplug yourself from technology (ducks for cover), maybe read or listen to music and leave your phone out of reach. This might sound harder than it is, but this guide is about creating habits, which are learned over a period. Lessen your use of internet/technology before you go to bed and experience a better night sleep.

I can hear the groans as I wrote that word, Iâm in the same boat, I consider it one of those necessary evils of life. Once I got over the hump of starting a regime, I (pause for suspense) started to enjoy it and began to experience better sleep/more energy. Moving more doesnât have to be as drastic as cross fit, it can be as simple as walking more and maybe taking the stairs occasionally. If you start exercising with a friend, it feels less of a burden and can add a bit of completion.

These tips donât exactly break the mould of advice, but they are key to feeling and looking better. Donât believe me? Try it out and prove me wrong! Got some tips of your own? Let us know!

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